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In brief we are Australian Entrepreneurs in the vending machine industry now offering frozen textured beverages in an on-demand, a fully automatic process who have joined up to the NiceVend group.

In late 2018 we decided to form NiceVend Australia Pty Ltd so thet we can offer Australia… a Cool and Refreshing way of having icee drinks and we are extremely happy to be able to offer this wonderfull machine to Australia.

We have been in the Australian Vending Industry for over 14 years now and involved in assisting and developing NEW various types of vending machines.

we have been involved in the design and the know how of Custom Vending machines fro variuos projects.
Whilst we have been traditional vending machine owner operators …we have known for some time that the Quinzee frozen drinks machine is in a class of its own , Offering a wonderfull and unique range of products to be enjoyed by everyone here in Australia.

We have been involved in the Vending Repair side as well as assisting various technitions , to repair install all types of vending equipment
Such equipment as Payment systems,Coin and Note readers, Remote monitoring of machines, credit card readers and being also site locators.
We have with ourselves and our network of importors and repair technitions have over 100 years of Vending Know-How and experience.

History :

NiceVend was first established overseas in 2007 by several interdisciplinary entrepreneurs with a proven success record in the vending machine industry, beverage industry and Hi-Tech engineering projects, world-wide.
The goal was to develop a fully automatic method for preparing a large variety of frozen textured beverages in an on-demand, a fully automatic process.
Our first product is the quinzee , a stand alone, fully automatic vending machine for the preparation of frozen textured beverages.
A specialised vending machine which has bee long awaited by the food & beverage industry for a very long time.
After several years of engineering, R&D and field tests, the quinzee’s first model was launched in 2014.
In 2015 a new quinzee assembly line was built at Flextronics ( NASDAQ:FLEX ), which now has the know-how and ability to ramp the quinzee’s production quantities for all quinzee models ( CE/UL/IEC certificated ; 110V/220V )
Today, Hundreds of quinzee machines are successfully spread in around the world, proving the market need, concept, satisfaction of customers and phenomenal R.O.I

One of our next challenges we have been advised is the development of a counter-top quinzee version which would offer the same on-demand preparation method the foodservice market.
This solution is targeted for presentation in 2019-2020